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Windswept sky over bamburgh

21 September 2015

Just wanted to let you know as of yesterday I am the proud owner of this stunning painting.. It is absolutely wonderful and each time I look at it, it will bring back such happy memories... I just love it...Thank you so much..
Christine merritt

Little Wren & A Tasty Morsel

03 December 2014

Hi Denise. Thanks for making the paintings into a pair - they work perfectly, really pleased with them. Also thanks for your advice about frames.

In the Hedge

30 November 2014

Hi Denise, unwrapped the most amazing surprise birthday present ever yesterday! Admired it on your website, but the actual painting is even better. I love looking at it on the wall - all the details - the background, the way he's sitting in the light .. could go on, but running out of space! I'm going to get a lot of pleasure from it.

Hazy days painting

15 September 2014

Hello Denise, Delighted with the painting which has already been greatly admired. You have a huge talent.
Norman Livesley


24 June 2014

Hi Denise, my fabulous kookaburra limited edition print arrived today. Very well packaged and I love it. I'll be keeping an eye on your work in the future and have also left feedback on Twitter.
Hilary Seymour


24 May 2014

Looking forward to attending your exhibition in Ilkley, but will not be able to attend until the 7th of June.

Blue Skies of Summer

23 May 2014

Very pleased with the painting. The sand looks stunning and takes me back to a warm sunny beach.


12 April 2014

Wow! Denise what absolutely fantastic paintings you do.

Thank you

29 November 2013

Thank you Denise for the picture of the Red Squirrel that I purchased. It looks absolutely fantastic hanging on my wall!
Margaret Elizabeth

Your website

19 November 2013

Great work on a nicely organised website
David Starley


21 October 2013

I've just read your biography page, it's very inspiring, especially the part about seeing the world as art - that's what I feel too and it's making me want to go and get my sketch pad and start on a new painting!